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Pete Held
Quentin McKay
Wyonna Aplin
Megan Kumpula
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Wyonna McKay


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Attributes: 5'7", hazel/green eyes, sandy-brown hair

Fav. Color: Purple
Fav. Music: NickelBack, Buckcherry, Collective Soul, Bon Jovi, AC/DC, Brother Kane, Def Leppard, Amanda Marshall, Sheryl Crow
Fav. Movies: Die Hard Trilogy, Armageddon
Fav. Shows: Friends, Survivor, pretty much everything on the Star channel
Fav. Others: SDJ sessions, blading

Quotes: "I was gonna." "Smack it on."


Wyonna's interest in music started as a child when her parents bought her an electric organ. At about age 8 she started organ lessons and continued half-heartedly for about 6 years.

Wyonna had always enjoyed music and the numerous jam sessions she attended (as spectator and fan) of friend, Quentin McKay. She was there to support the musical ventures of Quentin with various bands throughout the years. And although she loved to practice "air" guitar when dancing, she never pictured herself as part of a band.

It wasn't until Quentin and Pete joined forces and had about 6 songs created that it was suggested that Wyonna learn bass and be the bass player. Thinking, "yeah right!" and having absolutely no guitar experience (except with "air" guitar) it was left at that and months went by. Having always loved the rumble of bass, the cool look of playing a guitar, as well as being a fan of PastMidnight, when Quentin suggested the idea to Wyonna again, she thought why not? On June 26, 2001 Wyonna purchased her first bass. With the help of Pete & Quentin, she quickly learned a few of the PastMidnight tunes & is continuing to grow and learn through lessons as well as regular jam sessions.

"I wish I had picked up a guitar years ago! I LOVE it!!" - Wyonna Aplin, October 2001 -

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