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Pete Held
Quentin McKay
Wyonna Aplin
Megan Kumpula
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Quentin McKay

Vocals (lead and backing)
Nearly all of the instrumentation, mixing & production

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Attributes: 6'0", 170lbs, blue-eyed, brunette

Fav. Color: Midnight Blue
Fav. Number: 69
Fav. Music: Big Wreck, Chris Cornell, Queensryche's Promised Land, Pink Floyd
Fav. Movies: The Big Snit, The Matrix
Fav. Shows: Friends
Fav. Others: the dark, hot sunny days, Canadian beer, good friends, cheesy poofs, a great female butt

Quotes: "You cannot lose what you have not got." "Swing with the Monkey." "Worry is a waste of emotion."


Born in 1969, Quentin's influences in the early days range from one end of the spectrum to the other. Growing up, he learned to read music through piano lessons, and carried that lesson into high school to focus on another instrument - the saxophone. He was a shy guy at the time, who spent a lot of his time in his basement room listening to bands that spanned genres from Boney M, Dire Straits and Styx to Slade, Van Halen and Rush. Dancing performance routines in front of the mirror, singing his heart out, imitating the vocals from intonation to style, Quentin learned every little detail of any particular vocalist that he listened to. It wasn't until the mid-1980's that he really began to take notice in what he considered to be more challenging vocal-styles, the rock bands of the decade - Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Skid Row, AC/DC, Def Leppard and the like - the list is as vast as the number of glam-rock bands that came and went throughout the eighties. But these styles of vocals, he found really made him push the upper limits of his voice, and were much more challenging and exciting to sing than any pop or country tunes that he had ever heard.

In the early part of the 1990's, Quentin began to let his guard down, and come out from the shell that he had been living in. Friends and family began to hear what he had been doing the last ten years in his room - Quentin began to sing along with tunes casually with other people in his presence! Those closest to him encouraged Quentin to actually try to do something productive with what they considered to be a natural singing talent. Of course, Mom & Dad thought he should pursue a country style, while friends were obviously thinking of the other end of the spectrum - Rock & Roll. Quentin began checking out the possibility of joining a band.

Somewhere around 1992, Quentin joined his first band "Pangea". Comprised of some slightly older individuals who's influences were slightly before his time, Quentin's sessions with them was short-lived. While they considered his vocals promising, Quentin was having trouble getting into the groove of the music that they wanted to perform, so they decided to part company.

A month or two later, Quentin joined another band, this time where all of the other members were slightly younger individuals. The band "NC-17" got along quite well, as their musical tastes were very similar, performing tunes from Def Leppard, Metallica, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Extreme, AC/DC, as well as some original tunes! A year or so passed by, during which time the band changed it's name to "Neon Scream" and actually played some live gigs in the local bar-scene. The performances were well received, and the band decided to look into recording a demo. After an unsuccessful relationship with the young producer, the plug was pulled on the half-baked 4 song demo. More live gigs followed over the next few months, and they decided to try another studio. This time, the recording quality was better, having a seasoned veteran producing the demo - albeit a producer that was never intended to produce Rock Music. Nevertheless, the demo was finished but went nowhere, lacking the live punch and energy that a Rock recording should have.

Enter the next phase of "Neon Scream". One of the guitarist was fired, and Quentin introduced his neighbor and friend, Pete, into the band. After a short time, tension began to grow between the members of the band. The lack of acceptance of original material written and introduced by Pete & Quentin resulted in Pete being let go from the band, and soon afterward Quentin was also "fired" from "Neon Scream". Pete and Quentin did a few minor, low-quality recordings, a-la four-track ("New Shoes" & "Strong & Sweet" among the few), but generally were quite uninspired in the musical department.

Around 1996, Quentin joined another band, which became known as "I/O". This one was quite a bit different though. The sessions with "I/O" challenged Quentin to write his own lyrics to pre-composed music. "I/O" became a strictly studio-bound band, as they recorded several tunes over the next year in the well-constructed studio of the drummer's basement. No sooner had they completed the technically-accurate, good-sounding, 7-song CD, and were about to hit the live gig scene, was the lead guitarist forced to leave the band for reasons beyond his control (*ahem*female*cough*). A short, futile search for a replacement guitarist was followed by a sad, heart-breaking, quiet disbanding.

Having been caged up in studio sessions for the last year, Quentin was itching to do live jam and live gigs. In 1998 he joined the band "RoxxWyld" for a short stint, where they had promising live practice sessions, but alas, real-life began to catch up with Quentin, and he had to leave, being absorbed in his MCSE studies at the time. While the 2-3 months they had spent together was enjoyable, Quentin felt he couldn't be fair to the band, and at the time, he couldn't dedicate enough time to the project.

A long, long hiatus from music altogether brings us to the winter of 2000. Through this time, Quentin's influences continued to be broad in genre, ranging from 90's acts such as Amanda Marshall, Alanis Morrisette, and The Tea Party, to Queensryche, Sound Garden, White (Rob) Zombie and Big Wreck, among many, many others. A great friendship had developed between Quentin and Pete throughout the last 8 years as well - a brotherly love of sorts. The passion for music was back in both of them, and they began playing around with modern recording technologies. Their first recording attempt turned out to be a surprise to both of them - "River" was a clean, clear, sweet-sounding debut that sent shivers down their spines, when they realized how good the recording quality and final product could be. Thus was born the music duo "PastMidnight". Performed, recorded, mixed and produced by these 2 members, the songs of "PastMidnight" are of exceptional quality and clarity. There might even be some musical talent in there somewhere too You may want to take a listen yourself.

"These last few months really have been a rebirth of the desire to create wonderful music. The musical styles of myself and Pete are so parallel in taste, that we make a great fit. Our skills compliment each other beyond our wildest dreams, and we have a relaxed yet excited attitude toward making our music as great as it can be. We still love the occasional high-energy, pump-you-up, bang-your-head tunes, for sure. But our real passion and talent seems to lie in the styles more like that of Pink Floyd and Queensryche (in the style of their "Promised Land" album). We really do feel that we are literally at the top of our game musically these days, and we have a great time putting these songs together. I hope others can enjoy listening to, as much as we do constructing, these songs - they really are our heart and soul." - Quentin McKay, May 2001 -

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